Screen Sales and Leasing

Screen Sales and leasing

Buying an Led Screen is a long-term investment for you and your business with a life spanning many years. it is vital that you purchase your screen from a trusted company that has a proven history of working with Led technology and is going to be around to maintain it and give you the support needed going forward.

Our range of Led Screens have been designed and developed by us here in the UK and are exclusively manufactured to the highest standards in China by our manufacturing partner using the latest and very best in Led Technology.

Our range of Led Screen Solutions can be supplied for either indoor or outdoor applications and are some of the strongest, lightest, and highest spec Led screens on the market.

Screen leasing
In today’s financial climate we all understand the importance and preserving working capital, yet businesses still need to grow and regularly invest in new equipment. Our new in-house leasing packages ensuring that our customers can acquire new equipment quickly, and on terms that best suits budgets and cash flow.