Advertising Bikes

Advertising Bike Services

Our AdBikes are uniquely urban and eco-friendly message delivery machines, which are visually powerful both in a rolling and stationary capacity. Each AdBike carry a surprisingly large integrated “AdPod”; this is big enough to host two sizeable 6-sheet posters (H1800mm x W1200mm) and is equipped with ample onboard storage allowing our savvy AdRiders to also double-up as a built-in street team.

By injecting a dose of pedal power into your next advertising campaign, you’re committing to a fun, high-impact and compelling way to effectively reach your target audience. We can immerse our AdBikes into a range of different day-to-day environments and high-frequency locations to access the hotspots that traditional advertising platforms can only dream of.

For more information on our adbike advertising please contact a member of our team today.