Led Digivan Screen trucks

Digital advans when and where you choose


Our digital advans (Digi-vehicles), go wherever you need them. With large digital screens displaying advertising messages on the move, or can operate static on busy commuter routes.

Led Event Screens have revolutionised the industry with our mobile outdoor advertising vans and trailers by allowing advertisers to create and showcase dynamic and engaging content on our state of the art led screens. 

When in static positions our screens can be elevated, This is perfect for locations with a high footfall.  These allow a client to completely saturate a specific area with a message of your choice.


With a range of options from single sided to two sided Led screens Digi-Vehicles.

We have a solution to deliver your advertising campaign.

We deploy mobile outdoor advertising screens for many major brands and advertisers in the UK.

We focus on maximising audience exposure and engagement.

With a range of multi purpose digital screen vehicles, we target locations such as commuter routes, busy shopping centres, retail parks, even sporting events.